Agnelli: “Reforming football”

Andrea Agnelli held the first President Econ President conference at Hotel President Wilson. Alongside his predecessor and now honorary president of the ECA, Rummenigge, Juventus number one expressed his full satisfaction:

“It is a great pleasure for me to be here today. The first thought is a huge thank you to Rummenigge, a great player, a great manager, a great man and a friend who has improved me as a manager. It is also a great honor to have been appointed by the Board to the EACC Presidency for the next cycle. In the coming months, we expect a confrontation for the development of football with Uefa and Fifa, two institutions with which we have a great relationship.

Rummenigge hoped that anyone who would have made it would have to kick in the heart.I can assure everyone that football is my passion. We will work together to improve football. ” Agnelli also called for a revision of the European League to make it an even more interesting competition in the three-year period 2021-24, talking about “harmonizing” dates at various international federations, promoted Var saying that “it must help the referee and not replace him “and on the international calendar he advanced the idea of ​​a double window where to concentrate all national races to avoid frequent trips to South America by many players.

Then on Financial Fair Play, he explained: “It’s a Fair Play Financial 2.0 with new rules and new sanctions, other than 10 years ago, because since then football has changed and evolved.” Agnelli was also confirmed in the Executive Committee of Uefa; with him will be Gazidis of Arsenal.

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