Schick no rest to get …

Holding it under glass would have been offensive to good luck, a disgrace to him, and a mortification for the hard-hearted and hard-hearted fans who had paid for a hand at Chapecoense. On the other hand, Patrick Schick today is like the first film of a still-to-be-shot movie, something unfocused with the production so as to show that no one is throwing money.

He knows, he has not attempted to disguise himself as a player, he showed the raw cloth he is doing. It was enough to understand how precious it is and what it can do when embroidered and sewn. A sideways off here, a turn with independent trigger over there.

The authentic Schick, fit and artfully sewn, is well-known to the public as it did last season with Sampdoria when it was twenty years old and it was often on the bench and when it came down, the games were crashed.

INTERVENTION – When Sampdoria, who continued to be his team until the beginning of last week, gave a close up to the preparation he was there, but with little internal involvement. And in the first two games he preferred not to take part altogether.

It means he did not work much at this start of the season, as Di Francesco himself pointed out. No wicked thought touches you. Schick has now come under. He would have done it even if, paradoxically, he was left with Samp, because everything is less than a lure.

Saturday, for example, while the rest of the team was resting where everyone liked the Czech was Trigoria to breathe in the body. There is an all-in-one program prepared by athletic athletes, ready enough to put Schick in harm’s way within two weeks. Today in parentheses resume work all the excluded nationals, tomorrow we will train twice.

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